Fomic frill flowers


  1. · Fomic sheet (different colours),
  2. · Stem wire,
  3. · Floral tape,
  4. · U .h.u gum,
  5. · Scissors,
  6. · Stamens or big beads,
  7. · Glitter gum (different colours),
  8. · Artificial leaves (if you like)


First of all, take the flower fomic sheet and cut a long strip in the size of 2”inches by 12”inches.Now take the scissors and cut the whole strip at a little little gap like picture to make flower frill. Make sure that one side should be cuted and the other should be safe from cutting.Take stem wire and covered it with floral tape.Now wrap the fomic frill all around and paste it. You can also use another colour frill after this layer of frill for a big and beautiful flower look. Paste 1 big bead in the centre of the flower.Take artificial leaves and attached it on the flower stem with floral tape

Now the fomic frill flower stem is ready.

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Aqeela said...

o wow. . nice

Abida Muqeem said...

Very nice art.i like it.

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