Simple Fomic Flowers


1. Fomic sheet (different colours)

2. Stem wire

3. Floral tape

4. U .h.u gum

5. Scissors

6. Stamens or big beads

7. Glitter gum (different colours)


· First of all, take the red fomic sheet and trace a flower patron on it with pen.

· Cut this Petron with scissor.

· By that make 6 flower patrons.

· Now take the light and dark fomic sheet and cut it into a shape of leave. Make 9 light and 3 dark green colour leaves. You can also use artificial leaves.

· Take 3 stem wires (the length should be 4" inches) and wrap them with floral tape and adjust 1 dark green leave at the top of the wire and 2 Light green leave below the first dark green leave.

· Make the other two stems like that.

· Take the big stem wire and wrap the floral tape on it.

· Now take the Stamens or (fomic frill) and tie them on the stem wire with gum and then paste the fomic flower patron under the stamens.( You can also use 2 flower patrons to make a big flower).

· Then arrange the leave stems at the big stem wire to give a floral stem look.

· Now take orange and golden glitter gum on the edges of the flower petals and green and golden glitter gum on the leaves (also make the lines on the leave with glitter gum) and let it dry.

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